Sunday, August 15, 2010

TIG welding and other delights.

I spent the last two weeks up at a trade school in southern Oregon learning to TIG weld bike frames.  This frame represents not just my introduction to welding frames, but really my first attempt at welding anything.  It made me glad to be back in my own shop with my Oxyacetylene torch, but soon as I can afford it I'm going to score a TIG machine of my own.

I built it up a little slacker in the HT than I would normally consider and am going to pair it with a low rake Wound-Up 'cross fork.  My brother is going to be racing on this thing.

My welds still have room to improve, obviously, but I really like the process, especially how relatively clean it is compared to brazing.

Went with a slightly sloping TT, 1x10 braze-ons and clearance for 34s.  Should be perfect for racing Northern California cyclocross, but may be a little tight for super-PDX-muddy racing.  I doubt we'll make it up there this season anyhow.

I was sort of kicking myself for including an unfinished picture of this frame in my last post, but I was eager to show it and didn't have a finished shot on that computer.  Here is how it turned out with the fillet finished and the loose ends tied up.  This thing has some really steep geometry for a road bike and is more of an experiment than anything else.  We'll see, but I have a feeling that it will be fun.

Both of these frames are going to Greg, will be rocking Wound-Up forks and will probably be powder coated to match.