Thursday, August 12, 2010

First post, ya heard?

So, I've been building bike frames for about 10 months now and am coming to realize that maybe I should start showing people some photos of what I've been up to...  My skills are still coming along, but I'm beginning to get a handle on at least some portion of the process of designing and building a steel bicycle that is fun to ride and, hopefully, up to the task of winning a race or two.

Here's a few examples of the doo-doo I do do:

Fillet brazed extended ST sprint frame.

Pretty HT with a a mix of joining methods.

The frame said HT belongs to.  I build this for my brother and never got around to getting it painted for him...  Sorry Greg.

The ass of my first cyclocross frame.

Here's the same frameset mocked up with some random parts.  Don't ask me why I took an amazingly crooked photo of it with that weird cockpit...  I have no idea.

Road bike I built for myself and never built up.  Paul Sadoff says that builders only do the super-low fastback stays after they jack up their miter, but I swear that in this case it was to plan (or maybe a combo of planning and only having dropouts on-hand that dictate the angle to you...)  This photo is pre- any sort of clean-up or finishing and not an example of a completed piece of work.

I can doo-doo a fork too.  This is a straight-blade example, but I've got a nice bender for doing-up all sorts of other styles as well.

On a final note, I realize that "Carl Shawver Cycles" is possibly the most boring name ever bestowed upon anything, but I had to call this blog something.  Rest assured that if I ever get around to selling a frame it will be called something cooler (assuming that my brain is up to the challenge of dreaming up anything better.)

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  1. you said doo doo *giggles*

    very impressive mr. shawver :)