Thursday, August 19, 2010

More of the same, but way different.

I just finished a large road frame and am starting work on a large road frame tomorrow.  See the pattern?  Ohh well, nothing to complain about though. 

 I'm glad to have this one ready to go to the powder coater.  I built this quite a long time ago and for awhile I had sorta thought that it was just going to rust away to nothing, but now it's going to be ridden by a fast rider that is articulate and thoughtful enough to give me some really useful feedback that I can use to make the bikes that are yet-to-come even better.

Speaking of bikes getting better, the BB30 standard seems to be a real improvement over the 38mm shells that have been used for generations, at least to some degree.  I'm mostly excited about it because the larger shell area should give me a place to attach some gigantor chainstays to stiffen up the tallish bikes I have the tendency to make lots of.

On a final note, I've got a birthday coming up next month and I asked for a camera, so these might be among the last of my terribly blurry iPhone shots.  Or so we can hope.

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