Thursday, January 13, 2011


    UPS Dude just brought this puppy into the shop, the TIG SSCX frame I did last month.  I'm quite pleased with how it came out.  I'm planning to ride this thing next season and (assuming my painfully slow self can qualify) race it in the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships here in San Francisco later this year.  

    To do my part to contribute to stoking folks on SSCX and hopefully get more people racing on locally-built frames, I'm going to be doing a special price for TIG SSCX frames up 'til the eve of the World Championships:  $750.  That's $200 off the normal price and literally as cheap as I could possibly make these things.  I'll also extend this price to the folks I've already been discussing frames of this type with, so ya'll don't have anything to worry about.  Is this the best price out there for a custom frame built with quality tubing and a world-class finish?  As far as I know it is.

    Try and stay warm while you're getting your base miles in this month.