Monday, January 31, 2011

Paul Racers

    I was sitting around moping about only having 18 people "following" the blog and it occurred to me that there's really very little content here still.  So, to that end, I'll be posting more of the in-progress work that is around the shop.

    This one's getting a lugged fork, bar-end shifters, big cushy tires and Paul Racer brakes.  Should be a pretty awesome ride.

    This was my first time doing a frame for center pull brakes, which require brake studs to be placed differently than the cantilever brakes that we normally associate with these braze-ons.  They are supposed to work really nicely and of course anything coming from Paul Components is going to be clean and functional.  I actually have another frameset (or maybe two) in the queue destined for these same brakes.

    It's sorta hard to see in the photo, but at the seat tube I used a through-hole braze-on normally used to route hydro brake hose.  The idea being that you run bare cable from the front brake housing stop, through the hole and back to the rear brake, thereby cutting out the need for two more braze-ons and more housing.

    Also hung up this banner today.  It pleases me to no end, but it's probably reflects poorly on my advertising savvy that I hung it up on a wall where only I can see it.  Whatever.

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