Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Been Lazy

Still working hard in the shop, but I gave myself a three day weekend to "compete" in an alleycat and catch up on a little beer drinking.  Before I took off on Friday I built this one:

Fixed gear for my fifteen year old brother.  Not really a track bike at 73*/73*, but it should still be hot-to-trot for cruisin' around town and causing trouble.  Makes the BMX bike I was riding at his age look like a toy.

I also just caved-in and ordered an Anvil fork fixture, so the lugged fork I'm going to build for this one should be my best yet.  Would it be "too much" to put a disc brake on the front?


  1. do the disc!

    and if bro's the type to 'accidentally' leave his bike unlocked at parties I'll weep for dayz.