Thursday, October 14, 2010

New shop and an old-school fork

The lack of updates around here over the last few weeks is no reflection of the amount of energy that has been going into Shawver Cycles.  The whole shop has been transplanted down to South San Francisco and the process of turning my garage hobby into a business is a bit more complicated than I would have assumed, but all of that junk is starting to wrap-up and I am beginning to be able to concentrate on building bikes again.

Today I did the clean-up work on this MTB fork.  Well, I call it a MTB fork because the crown is Kirk Pacenti's version of the old Grant Peterson-designed Bridgestone lugged mountain fork that the MB-1 had before they went unicrown, but this one is actually going on a cyclocross bike.  I brazed it together almost three weeks ago but today was my first chance to throw it in the vise and finish the thing.  It looks like I didn't do much to it, but these crowns are actually cast with a big flat section (to make it easier to drill for a fender or maybe just ease of casting?  I can't imagine using a caliper brake on one of these) right in the center that throws off the graceful curved lines, so it had to be filed off.  I'd like to build with this crown again, so if your vintage mountain bike needs a replacement fork send me an email and let me put one together for you. 

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