Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cyclocross and a New Camera Make for a Great Blog Post

These things look way nicer when they're not filtered through a cellphone camera, huh?  

That super-extendo headtube belongs to a cyclocross bike I'm cleaning up now and I have a serious crush on the design of the frameset.  Can't wait to finish it and get some more pictures up here, but I have a ton of other shop-related-but-not-actually-building stuff that needs to be done that eats into bikes in a big way.  It should be all smoothed out and streamlined soon and these things will be moving through the shop even more efficiently.

And cyclocross season kicks off at Fort Ord this Sunday!  If you read this blog (do people actually do that?) and see me there, says "what's up".  I'll be racing on this mean machine (the first thing I ever built).

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